Powder Room secrets Twirl Curl Review

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If you read my last post than you will know I received a beautiful package from Powder room secrets the other day if you haven’t you can read it here. Does the twirl curl live up to its expectations, and does it do what it’s designed to do continue reading to found out.
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Liebster Award Updated


I done a post a few months ago when glitzandglitterweb nominated for the Liebster award which you can read here. The beautiful Abi from nominated me again, go and check out her blog and give her some love, thank you so much Abi for nominating me. So I thought I would do an updated Liebster award. 
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July #Paperhaul Stationery Subscription Box

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If your like me and love beautiful stationary, you are going to love this post. Hello paper lover, #PaperHaul kindly sent me the Julys collection, imagine my excitement when this little goodie bag arrived, packed with lots of stationery wonderfulness. I couldn’t be more happy with it.
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Beauty, Lifestyle

Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

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Make up is one of those things we all really love in are life, we love spending hours exploring new trends and looks. So a couple of days ago I was kindly sent the shadow switch from Beauty Essentials to review, thank you Beauty Essentials, It Is the perfect quick fix its a beauty tool to dry clean your makeup brushes, when I read the description I was intrigued about this, Here’s what I thought, all views are my own.
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