Converse Chuck Ii Trainers

Photo 12-08-2017, 18 11 19.jpgJust a very casual outfit.
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Changing Room struggles

Last month I did a everyday fashion struggles, so I thought this month I would do  a changing room struggles post, simply what would we do without them there are life savers, however even though at times there is a multitude of struggles that come along with using changing rooms. Here are 10 struggles that we can all relate to.  Continue reading “Changing Room struggles”


Dungarees Day

I’m jumping on the denim dungarees band wagon, I always thought dungarees would n’t suit me or I would look horrible in them, I held off buying them for a while however, temptation got the better of me and you don’t know if you like something till you give it a try, I was right I love them. Todays  post is quite a causal outfit but this is pretty much my go to style at the moment. 
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