Powder Room secrets Twirl Curl Review

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If you read my last post than you will know I received a beautiful package from Powder room secrets the other day if you haven’t you can read it here. Does the twirl curl live up to its expectations, and does it do what it’s designed to do continue reading to found out.

Twirl Curl 

Before Powder room secrets asked me to review their twirl curl I didn’t know what a twirl curl was, when I received their product I was really intrigued. If you like to wear your hair up and in different styles than the twirl curl is perfect for you. What i like is the twirl curl comes in different colours not just plain boring colours.

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The Product 

The twirl curl sleeve gives you a step by step guide to help create the multitude of styles. Powder room secrets are the original creates of the twirl curl which has been around since the early 1990’s, its unique, its easy to use. You can create six or more fantastic styles all in a twist. The twirl curl won’t pull or damage your hair, as some ” hair bands” can pull your hair leaving you with a headache also its suitable for all hairstyles. 

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How to use the twirl curl?

Theirs a wide variety of styles you can create which are the conventional bun, Hollywood bun, pony loop, 50s retro, wrap, French pleat, curls without using clips, grips or bobbles. when you take your hair down you will be left with a beautiful soft wave and no kinks or knots. When you take it down, the Twirl Curl leaves you with soft waves in your hair.

Putting the twirl curl to the test?

Once you master it you can make some really nice hairstyles. My hair is shoulder length, and quite thin I find my the best way to style is to tie it back in hair bobble put the Twirl Curl on and just keep twisting up and it looks like a messy bun, I would say practice makes perfect, you could master it quite easy if you keep practising, it’s about finding which style suits you best. 


At first I was quite uncertain that one it would work and two if it would grip and stay in my shoulder length hair, however again I was proven wrong I was amazed how well it stayed in my hair, how well it gripped and you can easily gather up and tuck in any whispy bits that wouldn’t fit into the twirl curl. It can time to master the twirl curl but once you get the hang of it. The only thing I would say if you have hair like mine that is quite thin, layered or short, the hole could do with being a bit smaller to grip the hair more but that’s my personal opinion, however from hearing feedback from the manufacturer about my concern about the hole with fine hair if you twist twice once the hair is though the twirl curl it will grab the hair, what ever the length.

What do you think of the twirl curl?
I have a competition on my twitter to win the twirl curl and the wow professional 3 in 1 brush you can enter here

Chloe xoxo


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