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The other day I was sent a beautiful package from Powder Room Secrets to review their Products I was so excited to try them out. included was The Wow professional 3 in 1 brush, Twirl Curls, and the de luxe compact beauty glow professional powder here’s my thoughts on the Wow professional 3 in 1 brush. 

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Wow Professional 3 in 1 brush 

If your suffer the same problems as me when you dry your hair it goes all wild. You simply just can’t be bothered to do anything with the mess your left with or it constantly goes knotty where the brush gets stuck in your hair which creates more problems,then  you’re going to love this circular brush its practical,and easy to hold, its different to your normal everyday brush and easy to use.

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The product

Presented in a plastic cover that instructs you exactly what the productsays and does and how to use it. What I love about the 3 in 1 brush the bristles are wide apart, which helps volumise, detangle, also it style and creates  beautiful big and bouncy spiral curls, heat-resistant and anti static what more can you ask for?. making it a lot easier for your hair to glide around as you turn the brush which will stop your hair getting caught or mattered. The product is suitable for most hair lengths. The brush is also perfect when it comes to backcombing and will create amazing results which don’t tear or tangle the hair

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How to use the 3 in 1 brush?

The Wow professional brush is as simply as it looks for blow drying the large air vents helps reduce blow drying your hair by half, for styling the circular brush gives volume, lift and body, and finally to help detangle your hair roll from the top to the bottom of your hair detangling as you go.
To use the brush for styling you simply keep the brush on the scalp do not lift, from front to back, side to side, turn along where you wish to style adding volume and bounce. 
For them gorgeous spiral curls section your hair and spiral the handle clock wise pulling the brush down as you go, until the hair is realised it’s that easy and is super kind to your hair which again will stop your hair getting tangled.

Putting the 3 in 1 circular brush to the test.

I put the brush to the test, it done exactly what it says on the packaging. I was so shocked with the results, my hair felt amazing, smooth. The brush didn’t get stuck in my hair,  it detangled my bed head as I like to call it,  which is always a bonus, my hair felt soft, looked beautiful and I have cute spiral curls. 


I’m more than impressed, I wasn’t sure at first but I was proven wrong. I would recommend it to anyone that struggles with any of the problems I have mentioned. I love that its anti static and doesn’t use any heat. its affordable priced at £9.99. You will not be disappointed, you get purchase this wow brush here

Thank you so much Debs from Powder Room Secrets 

Chloe xoxo


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