Barry M Lip kits review & swatches

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Theirs some new drugstore metallic and matte liquid lip kits out that you will be dying to get your hands on and I think it’s a potential Kyle cosmetics dupe. Keep reading to find out my thoughts and swatches of these metallic lip kits

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Barry M is a brand I’ve never really use makeup wise, but recently they have realised three exciting products and I couldn’t resist indulging in the new Barry M metallic, and matte lip kits. They come in 3 shimmering bold metallic and matte shades.


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I purchased 3 of the lip kits as i couldn’t choose between them, 2 are metallic 24 carat, Prestige, and 1 is a matte runaway. Each kit includes a lip liner and matte liquid lip paint.


Each lip kit is priced at £6.99, which Is a fraction of the price of the Mac lip kits which are priced at £29.50, you will properly have to at least top up once as I haven’t got any lipsticks that I don’t have to top up at least once and a lot of them are much pricier than this.


Photo 10-08-2017, 20 16 32.jpg

Each lip kit comes in a bold colour coordinating box. One thing I would say is if your planning on getting one of these lip kits I highly recommend you swatch in store as some of the liquid lipsticks are lighter than the packaging.


Photo 10-08-2017, 20 43 43.jpg

Gild your lips, not guild your lips.

Firstly the liquid lipsticks and the lip liners are ultra long wearing which are always a bonus,  The first thing I noticed about the liquid lipsticks was the consistency was the lip paint is thin, rather than a thick cream like other drugstore liquid lipsticks. its easy to apply and will leave your lips with a gorgeous bold finish, I love how they dry to a complete matte in seconds and feel so comfortable to wear on the lips, so you’re not left with sticky thick lipstick which Is never good.  The lip liners are soft enough to outliner your lips, they’re not too soft that will break off with one use. The liner glides on, I can be quite heavy-handed so I was worried about them breaking but it proved me wrong, It’s easy to remove after a days hard work as well. The only thing I found is the product isn’t a thick cream formula when it does wear away it doesn’t form any unsightly weird patches, it just slightly fades away.


Runaway-  is a beautiful matte bold raspberry colour.

Photo 10-08-2017, 21 00 27.jpg

24 Carat- is such a pretty metallic bronze with a hint of gold, this one is my favourite. 

Photo 10-08-2017, 20 58 58.jpg

  Prestige – a deep berry, Burgundy metallic shade.

Photo 10-08-2017, 21 01 53.jpg


I wasn’t disappointed at all with any of these, I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a good drugstore lip kit,  I’m definitely going to be expanding my collection of both of the matte and metallic lip kits. My kylie lip kit is my longest lasting lipstick and this Barry M one doesn’t over take that, but when you dont want to spend that amout of money, I think I have my winner. 

Have your tried any of the Barry M lip kits?

Chloe xoxo





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