Lush made me buy it.

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I only went into Lush for One thing and ended up walking out with a bag full, it was the smell that drawn me in, and not forgetting the pretty colours. Lush sell absolutely amazing bath and body products that are fresh, vegan and handmade. What else I love their so helpful and great for allergy suffers, I have been going to lush for ages and  they haven’t failed me yet.

I purchased the Maypole soap,  Twilight bath bomb, Metamorphosis bath bomb, Rocket science bath bomb and the Rock star soap

Photo 28-08-2017, 16 00 48.jpg

I have used the Rock star soap before, its sweet candy scent contains vanilla and coconut oil, which will leave your skin feeling smooth, and super soft, the smell isn’t too strong that its overpowering, It smells incredible and it’s really creamy when you rub it on your body, I love the colour it is such a pretty candy pink. The rock star soap is similar to the snow fairy which is one of my absolute favourites.

Photo 28-08-2017, 16 15 22.jpg

The maypole soap oh my this is my new favourite soap, it comes in a round circular shape which is a beautiful pale pink with a mint green centre.containing both peppermint oil and maypole syrup this soap has a stunning scent that brings back so many memories that reminds me of sitting by the seaside with a mint ice-cream or stick of rock. The scent isn’t to sharp, it’s just sweet, comforting, it nourishes and moisturise the body leaving pores clean and clear and feeling really smooth the consistency of the soap is creamy and it lathers easily the scent lingers on the skin for quite a while after washing which I love.
Photo 28-08-2017, 16 47 48.jpg

Twilight bath bomb is another product i havent tried before. This bath bomb is huge, If you’re someone who likes to get the most out of a product, you could easily break this in half and spread it across two baths instead of one. I love the star and moon detailing on  top of the bath bomb. The colours started as a pretty pastel pink and blue swirl than turned into a deep purple, it reminds me of the night sky perfect for a relaxing evening. This bath bomb is best to use in the evening as it contains lavender which will help you relax and if your struggle to sleep this will certainly help. It is definitely a luxurious bath bomb, it leaves your skin wonderfully soft and moisturises the skin really well. I can always smell this on my skin for hours after I have left the bath and it’s a really comforting scent that lingers on you and your pillow as you fall asleep. Perfect.

Photo 28-08-2017, 16 57 26.jpg

The steel grey Metamorphosis bath bomb, it spreads and fizzes away immediately upon hitting the water the bath bomb fills the bath with beautiful dark and light colours the grey quickly fizzes away producing swirls of orange pinks, yellows and greens  to create a frothy stunning rainbow experience. Adding a touch of shimmering glitter against the silvery metallic exterior. With clumps of silver glitter floating on the surface which adds a light dusting of shimmer to your body the only thing I was disappointed with about this bath bomb that the glitter was clumpy which is annoying. This stunning coloured bath bomb contains cinnamon and black pepper to cleanse your skin.

Photo 28-08-2017, 16 38 43
I was so excited to try this bath bomb. Rocket science design is simply yet it  makes it fun and super quirky. It’s a dark blue, rocket shaped bath bomb with a yellow flame tail, its tail is lightly decorated with a sprinkle of multicoloured stars. When the bath bomb hits the water it creates swirls of  blue and yellow sparkly combination which make it look like stars in the nights sky. The scent is stunning by far my favourite scent of them all, Containing Sicilian lemon oil and bergamot oil it has a bright fresh citrus scent. This is the perfect bath bomb for making you feel uplifted, refreshed, energised and hydrating for the skin, what I love about this bath bomb the scent stays with you for a good 4 to 5 hours after using it too.

Have you tried any of these products? what is your favourite lush products?

Chloe xoxo


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